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    Mars Watch Schedule for the Summer of Mars

Mars Factoid #1  “Mars the Red Planet”        Mars Fact-on #1Mars the amber-orange planet”
Mars Factoid # 2  "Mars - Earth Landmass"         Mars Fact-on #2"    "Mars - Earth Surface"
Mars Factoid # 3  "Mars - Earth Atmosphere"         Mars Fact-on #3"    "Mars - Earth Atmosphere"
Mars Factoid #4 "Mars Seasons"          Mars Fact-on #4 "Mars Seasons"
Mars Factoid # 5  "Mars is a Mini-Earth"        Mars Fact-on #5    "Mars is not a Mini-Earth"
Mars Factoid # 6  "Terraforming Mars would be easy"         Mars Fact-on # 6  "Think of Mars as a massive fixer-upper"
Mars Factoid # 7  "The Tunguska Event was an exploding alien spacecraft"      Mars Fact-on # 7  "The Tunguska Event was a meteoroid airburst'
Mars Factoid #8  ”The Martian soil is nearly “seed-ready"     Mars Fact-on # 8  "The Martian soil is NOT seed-ready"
Mars Factoid #9  ”Mars is like a Miniature Earth"     Mars Fact-on # 9  "The largest Volcano in the Sol-ar System is Olympus Mons"   

Mars Factoid #10  ”Humans have been to Mars"     Mars Fact-on # 10  "Humans have never been to Mars"
Mars Factoid #11  ”Mars at Perihelion Opposition with Earth will be felt"     Mars Fact-on # 11  "Mars at Perihelion Opposition from Earth is a common occurrence"
Mars Factoid # 12 "Terraforming Mars will be Easy"     Mars Fact-on #12 "Terraforming Mars with the CO2 available is impossible"

Mars Factoid # 13 "Mars’ gravity is no problem for human colonization"     Mars Fact-on #13 "Mars’ gravity may be a deal-breaker for human colonization"
Mars Factoid # 14 "The Martian soil is ready for farming."     Mars Fact-on #14 "The Martian soil is toxic to humans and plants with 0.5-1% Perchlorates ClO
4 concentrations"
Mars Factoid # 15 "On August 27th, Mars will appear as large as the Full Moon in the sky."     Mars Fact-on #15 "This event is called the Mars Hoax"
Mars Factoid # 16 "Mars is the closest planet to the Earth"     Mars Fact-on #16 "On average Venus is closer to Earth than is Mars, on average"

Mars Factoid # 17 "In the movie “The Martian”, you can grow potatoes on Mars"     Mars Fact-on #17  "You really can’t grow potatoes on Mars"
Mars Factoid #18  "Mars is the Planet most similar to the Earth"  Mars Fact-on #18  "In many ways Venus is most similar to Earth"
"Mars Factoid #19"  Winds on Mars could pick up a man or topple spaceship"    Mars Fact-on #19  "Martian Winds pack little punch"
Marts Factoid #20 "Nuking the Martian Ice Caps will initiate Terraforming"
      Mars Fact-on #20 "Nuking Ice Caps is a horrible idea"
Mars Factoid #21   "There is a Human Face Structure on Mars"     Mars Fact-on #21 "The Face-on-Mars is a contrived human artifact"
Mars Factoid #22  Tiny Moons  "Mars Must have only two moons"   Mars Fact-on #22   "Mars Surprisingly and by chance, has two natural moons
Mars Factoid #23  "Mars Moons are artificial satellites"    Mars Fact-on #23  "The Mars Moon Hoax was an April Fools Hoax in 1959"
Mars Factoid #24   "Mar's moons are derelict spacecraft"      Mars Fact-on #24     "Moons of Barsoom are natural satellites"
Mars Factoid #25     "Mar's moons are captured asteroids"     Mars Fact-on #25     "Mar's moons are result of giant impact"

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Sat Dec 15, 2018
Wreath Apple Pi Solar Cycle SuperNova Dark Fluid Mars Wind Comet 46-P Video Brain Gluon Plasma RussBot Virgin Galactic Chang'e 4 Zinke Claus Chart
Sat Dec 8, 2018
Dodo Award Thule Bennu Gravity Waves ISS Fusion!? Gribble Rebel Bees Sharpshooters Hadron Collider ArchaeoAstro Tibet Tools S.Epidermis Gut Chart
Sat Dec 1, 2018
AlaskaQuake SlowQuake ClimateReport Insight Baby Edit CRSP Oh Deer! Measles Solar Food Spider Milk Scandium MNGA Calculus  Chart
Sat Nov 24, 2018
Zinke Romaine MRSA Phage Ion Plane TEM Oumaumau Mars River Dead Sea Gold Melt Screwworm Peanuts Discipline Wombat Hemp Fields Skyrmion Chart
Sat Nov 17, 2018
Wild Fires Massive Redshift ExoPlanet Kordylewski Coffee Lagoa Santa Crater 58 Holes Ants Stealth Moth Ticks OrganoPhosphates Sing! Vaping Ti Chart
Sat Nov 10, 2018
 737 Max Vultures Lava Bubbles Harvard UFO StarShot Solar Nebula PiezoNuke CO2 MNGA BioShrooms AirCell Genomes Spirit Cave IceCube Fires Chart
Sat Nov 3, 2018
Hubbell Quiet Dawn Hot Ocean Zombie Wasp Green Arabia Jane Goodall Lead VO2 BP3 Religous War AutoImmune e-neurons Heartbeat Lidar Matter Charts
Sat Oct 27, 2018
WVSTA 2018 App-Glass Willa Lift Drone Dione Stripes Xofluza Hubble Reboot Optical Gyro Specimen 8 Worm Life Elephant Math Crows Old Points Bigelow  
Sat Oct 20, 2018
Hawking AFM  Fake Moons SpaceHealth Molecule Scan Dandelions Beer Aspen Stromatolites Electrons Red Tide JuvaDerm Botox JOI Scientific MNGA Chart 
Sat Oct 13, 2018
Hurricane Michael Flex Diamonds AndroGenesis FastCam LaserScope First Man GoldBug Old Seeds Fungus Climate Fisetin Sprycel Sensor EPA Chart  
Sat Oct 6, 2018
Palu Tsunami PhysNobel ChemNobel ExoMoon Saturn Extra Dimensions EHT  Flu Forecast Conspiracy  Warm Wind Bone Knife Laser Chart
Sat Sep 29, 2018
 Rock Show! Earthquake Medicane Typhoon Big Bird Glyphosate Flu Season Duck Flu Maya Map MiniElevator Phobos Hayabusa2 CO2Battery Riemann Chart
Sat Sep 22, 2018
Equinox Coal Ash Aspirin Deneum FlowerTurbines ScienceBurger Industrial Heat Octopi Kidney Crystals NanoTennas Old Fat Spin Drift Drug Chart Glacier Chart
Sat Sep 15, 2018
Florence Big Flo Road Raise La Palma Brunswick Hogs Coal Ash FryingPan Mass. Gas E-Cat SK Climate Summit ElectroGenic BPA+ Oldest Art Chart 
Sat Sep 8, 2018
Pluto Saturn SpaceLeak Lunar Swirls It's something RoachBot Photo Synth Food Clock Time Diet Underwater Feedback New-rons MNGA Helium Chart
Sat Sep 1, 2018
MARS! Mars Soil MarsWatchSchedule Space Leak MoviesInConcert Wheeling Woodstock BirdTweets Eagle! BirdDeathChart
Sat Aug 25, 2018
MARS!  Newspaper Article  Gypsy Road
Sat Aug 18, 2018
SpaceX Musk Parker Probe Dark Matter Carbs Brain Fog Empathy Crickets Cheese Homo Lazy Hot! Zombie Gene Pessimist Fake News Parade Chart
Sat Aug 11, 2018
Perseids Califronia fires Space Monsanto RoundUp2009 Apple Tangier Island SunScreen The Meg Hydrogen Wall Pathways 6 D Ticks SpiderBots Chart
Sat Aug 4, 2018
Ben Stout New River Tesla 3 Graphene Scutoids Algae Alzheimer's Pig Lungs MagPlanet Nano Tip StoneHenge PuertoRico Jerky Lungworm Chart
Sat July 28, 2018
MARS! Mars Lake DOE CENTAUR Parker Probe Black Hole Ebola Brain Pressure Slow Wave Big Foot Nano Tip Tick Talk Jerky Mania HotSpotChart
Sat July 21, 2018
Kilauea Ancient Earth Apollo 11 Jupiter 79 Neptune NRAO Fly Brain Neutrons Old Bread Diamonds Dust Meghalayan Silly Putty Yellowstone Chart
Sat Jul 14, 2018
FlyingCar Green Tea Herbicide MalariaVaccine e-fields Colour X-ray Spectral Muon ufo Pluto/Charon RCW 38 Blazar T-tongue TexasTools CRISPR NATO Chart
Sat Jul 7, 2018
Cave Rescue SpacexBoring Kepler Scope 30 Years Vloggers Artolution Zebra Gobi Dinos Wasp Algae Warmer CIMON Capt. Future simon wright Tariff Chart
Sat Jun 30, 2018
Koko Alcohol San Andreas Aquaculture Power F-Sand DNA Lego Zika Structure Dryas Debate Voice-Cano AntarcticVolcano OldHominim BrainJiggle BulbChart
Sat Jun 23, 2018
SpaceForce Exeter31 Boeing Space Treaty Mars Dust Cell Supreme Coffee-p27 DiabetesTiO2 Giant Hogweed NanoDrones Einstein Child Trauma Harassment Chart
Sat Jun 16, 2018
Solstice Kilauea Gems Emmy Noether Water CO2 Trek Stamps Amber Tick Psychedelic Flatworms Demented Mice Vesta CERN LHC Nobelium DNA Chart    
Sat Jun 9, 2018
Fuego Kilauea Stormy Craniotomy G7 Disgusting CO2Therapy Wireless Carbon Bubble Bee Zero Mars Methane Cesium Beach Goals Hat Trick Lyme Suicide Chart
Sat Jun 2, 2018
 ISS Kilauea Methane Seep Vitamins Boulders Elf MNGA MariaMath Visionary Neutrinos Fort Ancient Opiods Sonic Attack PlutoDunes Oil Soil Chestnut Chart
Sat May 26, 2018
Kilauea Cam Sci-candidates Pluto China Moon Mars Rocks Antimatter NanoBots RobotCells Eggs Pentagon Nobel Muon LENR Slideshow 130,000 Gas Chart
Sat May 19, 2018
Kilauea Memories Neurons Ebola 2018 Pool Time Opiods Green Blood NanoParticles Rocks Seeds AllerDent Ozone Hole Deep Trash RollBacks Gas Chart
Sat May 12, 2018
Steamed SpaceX Video Kimbal Musk facebook PHARMA charts DogBot Atlas Water Glass Chocolate Eggs Feynman 100th Recipe Aramco Oil Chart Aramco Chart
Sat May 5, 2018
Cinco! CincoDeScience Kilauea Headache Crazy Town InSight Skin Care Solar Slugs Time Crystals Neurostar SootCell Small Business Week Profit Kilauea Chart
Sat Apr 28, 2018
WV Kite Fest T-Rex Bite Conphine Plastic Laser Graffiti New DNA Entanglement Baking Soda Opioids MitoQ China Ag Sloth Tracks Hot Quakes Kite Chart
Sat Apr 21, 2018
AstronomyDay TESS Charon Moon NASA Director EarthDay Schrader WLU Gravity Art Composites Enzyme Feature Extinction Baja Rat WV Kite Fest Kite Chart
Sat Apr 14, 2018
Syria Alcohol Brains SpiderFly Graphene Geoengineering Political Science FossilMoths Pig Out Smoked Tweezers TESS Meditate Backwards Big Dogs Dog Chart
Sat Apr 7, 2018
PineApple Stem Heart C Analytica Pigs Kosher Penguins Mantis Shrimp Wasps LA Sloth High Spin Solar Tornadoes Plastic Black Holes VR Bubble Neuron Chart
Sat Mar 31, 2018
New Organ Satan 2 SpaceX tweet Doing Harm WormSlime Cord Blood Invisible Space Station Eggs Venus Dark Matter Coffee Slow Waves "NR" CR Chart 
Sat Mar 24, 2018
 $cience Uber! Silence ChiroCopter Garbage Ata Zepto Twin DNA Horse Cave Last Rhino Magic Alloy Older Rariphotic GiantVirus Denisovan Shootings Chart
Sat Mar 17, 2018
Stephen Hawking  2       Bridge Collapse MagneGas HealthCare Chestnut OVFFTrees Winter STEVE Pi Day Moon Map Opiods NSTA Platypus Chart
Sat Mar 10, 2018
Trophy Ban Nerve Agent Aussie HPV Old Bats ZIF-62 Proton Battery Wind/Solar Dark Matter Jupiter Jets Graphene Twist Deep H2O Sleep Chart Research Chart
Sat Mar 3, 2018
Fossil Day Newkes NK Missles Twins Horses Clone Dogs Penguins! IceCrobes Gobekli  Synthestech Platinum KnightScope BostonD SuperCruise Skyrmion Chart  
Sat Feb 24, 2018
SpaceX Starlink Sun Synch SuperPosition Gravity Neandertal Art Virome SuperNova Polyphenols Europa Life Thermal Res Flu Vaccine CuttleFish Fishing Chart
Sat Feb 17, 2018
LaserScan Graphene Toast Chocolate Single Atom Space Cat Mammoths Day Zero Rhythm Photons Interact Pluripotent Money Sky Virus Sea Level Gun Chart
Sat Feb 10, 2018
SpaceX TeslaAus Innovation VWTesting Cheddar Man Phonons CDC Cuts Tandospirone Glymphatic Famine Genes Mariemont SuperWood Fusion 50 Trade Chart
Sat Feb 3, 2018
Groundhog Day Celtic Ancient Fires Turmeric Cancer Vaccine Centipedes New Laser Thinking Machines Salmonella Manage Mars Dr. Armpit Employment Chart
Sat Jan 27, 2018
Asteroid AJ129 Saiga Ancient Jaw Huntington's Crispr Stem Serpent Crater Tractor Beam LENR Videos Alchemy! Bio-mutes Laser 3-D  GlassCrete Quake Chart
Sat Jan 20, 2018
Jaxon Flu Season Chameleons Boiled Bats Lamprey Spines Cambridge Analytica Oxic Diversity Canada Quakes J147 DNA Robot 2-D Metals Piano Chart
Sat Jan 13, 2018
Hunter Jet Stream Weather 2018 Mudslide ECat-video DAS Fisker Alchemy! Negative Mass NanoMetal E-Machine Pfizer PrintDino Frankenstein Mars Ice Chart
Sat Jan 6, 2018
Prime Grayson Bomb Cyclone CES Anniversaries SoftBots Solar Bubble Star Names MegaStructure Microbes Cell Sonar Bonobos YellowStone Drug Chart
Sat Dec 30, 2017
Early Life Space 2017 Sloth Extinction Gilded Cell Videos 2017 Eat Fish Falcon Heavy Pain Gene Axolotl Climate/Weather Warming Chart
Sat Dec 23, 2017
UFO Winter Solstice Dylan Rama Ice Kengoro Wi-Fi Tesla Thermionic Generator Weird Water Energy Symposium Maybe News Winged Serpent Wave Chart
Sat Dec 16, 2017
Arthur C. Clarke Black Hole Geminid Meteors To The Moon! Norway E-cat IPO EcatWebsite Net Neutrality Top Ten TENSunits NASA Chart
Sat Dec 9, 2017
Last Jedi California WildFires Atlanta Snow ElectroPlane CyberBots Arthur C. Clarke Titan Lakes Squeezing Water Snow Bubble BitCoin Chart
Sat Dec 2, 2017
Alien Asteroid Scallop Eyes Graphene Jiggle Rossi Effect pics Bali Volcano Iceland Volcanos Hwasong 15 Chicken Pickin' Dividend Chart
Sat Nov 25, 2017
ECatVideo Rossi/facebook E-CatYouTube Rossi Blog QX Pics Muon Detector
Sat Nov 18, 2017
 Time Mag 25 DaVinci 3D DaVinci Color Tesla Semi Atlas SpotMini E-Cat Demo E-CatYouTube Soonish Resolve Elephants Keystone Leak Comic Chart
 Sat Nov 11, 2017
Green Syria Typhoon Weather Mass Demoted 5 Sigma Nancy Roman Life Puddles Protein Khufu audio Book Sale Texas Chart
Sat Nov 4, 2017
Climate Change Report Tesla Rico  Circadian Prize Tequila Bats Khufu Muons Puerto Glyphs  Daylight Savings Time Muography Chart
Sat Oct 28, 2017
Sustainable WV L'Autre Couleur MegaCity  EPA GAG Kratom Alaska Salmon  E-Cat Demo ET GPS Analytica Lighter Elementary AstroArchive Muography Chart
Sat Oct 21, 2017
Weather E-Cat Engineer Stirling MNGA Neutron Stars Gravity Waves Tsunami Raft Gates of Hell Chlorophene Screen/Speaker Vampires Disaster Chart ITER Chart
Sat Oct 14, 2017
Plastic Fungus Larsen-C Project Loon SolarRico Clean Power Healthy Gut RNA Polymers Rock Art NeanderGenes Salmon Mine Yellowstone Pyramid EPAChart
Sat Oct 7, 2017
Nate EHD Deer BatSongs Networking Crystal SurgiGlue Herpes C Capture Proton Size OtoToxins SN10 Elon Musk GM Electric Fake News Honey Chart
Sat Sep 30, 2017
Aricebo Sonic Attacks Alzheimers Bad News MNGA Mars Ice Pluto Ice QuantumVideo Birth Change Sapiens Elephants Eels Pink Snow  Air Chart
Sat Sep 23, 2017
Denisovans One Fire e-China Kayhoe Mars Water MNGA Video Bio Beer Comet Ice Cassini Vid Birth Change Elephants Eels Pink Snow Fake News Air Chart
Sat Sep 16, 2017
Climate Talk Climate Talk Flooding? Cassini Plunge Solar Flares Thriving Secrets Happy Science MOOC Viking Women Fidget Spinners Space Ninja Moon Chart
Sat Sep 9, 2017
Irma Miami Mayor Jose Katia Mexico EarthQuake Cassini Finale Eat Fat Static Strain SkyCool Big Chill Hopewell DNA Plimpton 322 Roof Pitch Echo Chart
Sat Sep 2, 2017
Harvey Arkema "Zoning" Fire Ants Asteroid Florence BlockChain Sea Snake Graphene Silk Neanderthal Glue Old Feet Gut Talk Wind Hydro Waldo Chart
Sat Aug 26, 2017
Hurricane Harvey Diamond Rain H.L.Hunley ISS Eclipse Corona LIGO ExoPlanets Cassini Fairmont NOAA NanoWagon MiniProbe Trig News! AntennaChart
Sat Aug 19, 2017
QuakeLand New Sloth MagneBrain MagneGas Stem Hair NanoTransfection SuperNova Solar Wind Pinhole Eclipse Einstein Eclipse Next Eclipse Brain Chart
Sat Aug 12, 2017
Korean Tension Guam Tourism Sonic Attack Weapons Saser Sonic Cannon Vinland MagneCoal StoveTech Bee+ Tick Wars Eclipse! Eclipse App Warm Chart
Sat Aug 5, 2017
Diamondene Perovskite 22.1 Mars Rover Glob-lins Green Tea Blue Eyes Nano Spice SuperGlue Neutrinos Heat Wave Baked In AMOC Eclipse Apps Dark Chart
Sat July 29, 2017
Gerald R. Ford Korea ICBM 70K Solar Frank Z. Not Cool EPA SunFish Land Life Solar Explore Secret Sauce MUC7 MNGA Patent Italy Ecat Patent Eclipse Chart
Sat July 22, 2017
ISS Coffee RossbyWaves Sol Miami Solar Starlet E-Settlement AirBorne Exxon Fine Fermions Transistors NanoDent FoldBot Sound Science Old Aussies PVchart
Sat July 15, 2017
Iceberg Robotics Juno Pics Planet 9 Mud Balls FrackWater Etzanoa M-Hydrogen DEMO PreHuman Easter Island Water Bears Micro Turbine GM Moth Jobs Chart
Sat July 8, 2017
Kim ICBM Red Spot G-20 Climate Hot California E-Cat/IH Volvo-E China-E Toyota-E Elon-E Strong Arm Denisovan Quantum Key Cool Trees Tree Chart
Sat July 1, 2017
Petri-evolve Mayak Rogue Protein NeoNic Dogtor Heart Space Council Gecko Grip Dragon Wings Moon Chocolate E-Bike MNGA Pilgrim Qubits Larsen Chart
Sat June 24, 2017
 Veggie Mars Maven LENR Parkhamov OPA Watson Berylium Coffee Brain Armadillos Aliens Olive Oil Tesla Protobike Volcano Egg Chart
Sat June 17, 2017
Jupiter Eclipse MiniMoon Tan Solar Paint Leaking Cyanobacteria Charge it Mosquitoes Weyl Fermions Entanglement Kleptogenesis Drill Kill Transition Bend Chart
Sat Jun 10, 2017
 Widom-Larsen Bell-air Green Jobs Dead Sea Meth Crater Rover Spaceweather Sapiens Nail Low Fat A-peeling Gut Feeling MicroBiome Deep Bio Bent Wow Chart
Sat Jun 3, 2017
 Quake! Paris MIT/trump Scientists Pittsburgh Ice Shelf Gravity Sun Peru Plenty Resistance E-mmunity Ebola Vaccine EpiGenetics ClimeWorks Stereo AI Chart
Sat May 27, 2017
 Trump Cuts Juno HAT-P 7b Jupiter Fridge Feeding Frenzy Statins Zika Quark X Hot Tsunami Electric! RECLAIM First Hominids Catnip High Res Slash Chart
Sat May 20, 2017
Dino Feathers Puffy Planet Titan's Rivers Earth Flash Aggressive AI AI Doc Cicadas MonoPoles Stem Eggs Ozone Trees Mars Trip NanoHologram Chart
Sat May 13, 2017
Fired Quit Ice Glacial Macron AntiProton CityGarden Packing Shrimp Oldest Homo Naledi Lithium Cannabis Mousercise Larvaceans  ChartSource Chart
Sat May 6, 2017
Holy Chickens Ground Water Arsenic Rice Meteor! 131,000 Moon Eclipse 2017 SpaceX Hot Solar Designer Baby Epigenetics Hedy Lamarr MNGA Ice Chart
Sat Apr 29, 2017
Climate March Bee Plants Pacific Plume Cloudy Watson Michigan2100 NK Missile Coal Ash 100 Days Math Membrane Cassini Ravens Cobalt  LENR Chart
Sat Apr 22, 2017
Earth Day Experts Science March Science March Posters! Cassini Rings Tesla Gigafactory Quantum Photocell ProtonPuzzle Hydroxl Genetic Memory Turmoil Chart
Sat Apr 15, 2017
KIM Moab MOAB MOP FUFO BR-549 Solar Water Atomic Model C4 PhotoSynthesis BatGoods Cold Spot Enceladus FluteTech SuperCrystal Gravel Devils Chart
Sat Apr 8, 2017
Science! Sarin Frigate Phage Wars Celiac Virus MightyGirl Baby Talk Cavities Badgers FilaBot MNGA 1132b Dead Red Brain Magnet March March ISS Chart
Sat Apr 1, 2017
WVWater EPA SpaceX 3-D Mag MNGA Maven Nebu-Laser Blackest Insecticide Pelican Spider Glass Frogs NMN NAD NMN Food TouchyT-Rex Bloom Chart
Sat Mar 25, 2017
CERN LENR COP>22000 22213 WV Future India LENR KoreaSpace Bees! Planets EggBot $cience RedMap Stem Cells Good Vibes Multi Faults Saliva Chart
Sat Mar 18, 2017
Coal2Code BitSource ARC Cut Lunch Research SunRoof ARPA-E Oroville Dam Mt. Etna 2 American Chestnuts Nissan-LENR Narcissist Whales NPR AppalChart
Sat Mar 11, 2017
Methane Science War SunCell BLP video Net Pruitt CO2 MNGA PaperTronics Conan DentalDNA Tully Monster Slow Sun Pan Feb Jobs Feb Jobs EarthChart
Sat Mar 4, 2017
Mildred Dresselhaus SpaceXMoon China Skull Paleogenetics Sickle Cell Patent expire World Affairs Mantle Brillouin BLP Neutrino DC Origami Bitcoin Fair Chart
Sat Feb 25, 2017
 LENR 2011 ExoPlanets Planet Pluto Naming DrumiTall Timber Wood Stadium Kim VX BinaryAgent Neandertal Land Bridge Australoids Bee Ball Zealandia Chart
Sat Feb 18, 2017
Oroville Dam Jupiter New DNA Solar Site CubeSat Molten Silicon Na2He Weather Antarctic Ice MNGA E-India Coal Debris Crispr Fight 787 Chart Finland Chart
Sat Feb 11, 2017
 Fireball Digital Sundial Comet 45P Larsen C New Gecko Cannibals Lochak Flow Battery Cold Plasma Carbon Tax Curiosity Oxygen Stanford Energy Chart
Sat Feb 4, 2017
Solar Jobs Cheapest Irish Energy Sombrero Gibraltar Big Data Bat Bot CrisprCow Heart News E-Cat COP Zircon Age Industrial Heat Propecia Chart
Sat Jan 28, 2017
Star 2022 Metallic Hydrogen French Hamsters Hexagon Clouds Search NASA Space Twins Science March Gag! Beijing Sunrise COB LED Flip7 Facts Chart
Sat Jan 21, 2017
Gene Cernan LENR Theory Whitehouse Trump Moth SuperBug MealWorms FlickerThing 40 Hz Vaccine Safety MNGA CO2  Hot News InterGlacial Chart
Sat Jan 14, 2017
EpiPen SpaceX Iridium Light Pillars Trellech StoneHenge Tunnel Mimas Moon Age Malaria Vaccine BumbleBee BotsWar Rossi/Galileo New H2 Knots Chart
Sat Jan 7, 2017
Hydrino-17 Brillouin-17 SpaceX Launch Magnetar Pulsars Crispr History Optogenetics UltraSound  Coral Concern Current News Russ Hack HgIsotopeChart
Sat Dec 31, 2016
 Dino Turkey Grizzly Steppe Bogoslof Photosynthesis Agnotology Ceres H20 Proxima b Sky 2017 Fire Fight NanoSniff Hands On Vera Rubin Mars Swamp Chart
Sat Dec 24, 2016
 Octopus Alien M.O.M. MegaDiamonds Malaria Control Mice Memory Ebola Prion Disease Hog Farm Farm Archaeology Stable Fusion Top Ten  Chart
Sat Dec 17, 2016
Hidden Figures Climate Science Climate Data Stand Up Standing Rock Mayan Copernicus Pseudoarchaeology Ghost Shark MNGA Drone Serpent Mound Chart
Sat Dec 10, 2016
John Glenn Space Junk Expectancy Cyborg Rays Light Pollution Cassini TB Dino Feathers LA Mastodon EPA Exxon Puzder Amazon Go Parkhomov Charts
Sat Dec 3, 2016
 ISS Golden Mole L'Oreal Science  UBeam  BBC NRAO Hot Earth Bag Ban  Sci-Am-LENR Sci-Am-Ed Margaret Hamilton MNGA Super Silk  GS  UTX  Charts
Sat Nov 26, 2016
ISS Turkey Science Ice Cream Higgs Bison Cheap Roof Bed Bugs Chicxulub Samoa Solar Mars Ice Dark Crystal Dino Camo Mag Crack GasBuggy Chart  
Sat Nov 19, 2016
 Arctic Drilling  Cryogenic Big Oil  Revolution  Ohio Mounds  Hawking Sez  Cheer Up  GOES-R NASA-GOES-R GOZER CRISPR  Fossil Flint  NRAO  Chart
Sat Nov 12, 2016
SuperMoon Paris Climate Anti-Science Mammoth Freak Earthquake Emergent Gravity RoxP Freudensprunge Randall Mills Yellowstone Terasaki Ramp Chart   
Sat Nov 5, 2016
Fall Back Muons Orb 2 EM Color NanoCars Car-10 ChinaGlass EZ3D Ostrich Beads Bat Billions Project Loon Quantum M Ice 2050 Drones Star Oil-igarchy Chart
Sat Oct 29, 2016
WVSTA Zika Tesla Shingles SpaceX Mars Lander Car Noise  Hot Iceland ECat Sigma5 Leptons White Nose Isis Sulfur Ghost Ships Satan 2 Frankenstein Chart
Sat Oct 22, 2016 
 Japan Quake Devil's Milk Nerdist Viscosity Bar Aliens H-Plane Boron MNGA Orionids Planet Nine PBS Tesla VW Bad Science CH4 Vents Frog Genome Chart
Sat Oct 15, 2016
 Zika Weather VacciNation Conjoined Twins Cuban Cigars Nobel Prizes CO2/ Ethanol Planet Earth 2 Climate Fires James Lovelock Jasper Spider Galaxies Chart
Sat Oct 8, 2016
Hurricanes Miami Pumps Zika ICCF-20 Beach Front Frozen Nukes Cyclone Power Jet Pack Blue Origin Draconids Dino Eggs Bee Brains Life Span Toughie Chart
Sat Oct 1, 2016
Zika Culex Black Moon Rosetta Europa! Transformer StoneHenge Silk Lens Artificial Muscles PVDF Robotic-pvdf SNAPPs Gene Transfer Space Rock Chart
Sat Sept 24, 2016
 Zika Global Citizen Pipeline LENR Webinar LENR Congress Video Araucana Water Bear Grow Chair BioPharma Equinox Tiangong-1 MNGA SinkHole Chart
Sat Sept 17, 2016
Leak! Meteor! LENR Thaw China Moon Meranti ALON Dark Microbes Microbe Melt Antarctic Hot Moon Fall Leaves Brachiopods Scot Impact SkyMap Chart
Sat Sept 10, 2016
Zika  Zika Funds Holy Grail  Hole Katherine Johnson Saturn  Philae Season Bennu CrispR Meal Korea Standing Rock Map DOJ Old Needle SkySafari Chart
Sat Sept 3, 2016
Zika Deaths Resistance No Soap Stratosphere China Climate 3 Hurricanes SpaceX Jupiter Future Wood Roach Milk OK Quake Buzzed Old HD 164595 Chart
Sat Aug 27, 2016
 Conjunction Quake Mayan Astronomy Thermite LENR T- Rex Mammoth Kokomo ExoPlanet Anti Science Blue Lakes Black Locust NPS 100 EpiPen Chart Chart
Sat Aug 20, 2016
Zika  Weather Flood Louisiana Wildfires California Fires SuperNova  Ringwoodite Dental DNA DNA Trauma  Finch Talk  Graphene Well Chimeras Kuiper Belt
Sat Aug 13, 2016
Zika  Perseids 2016  UltraSonicDry  SuperLens  Hottest Year Green Texas PhysicsGirl Occam'sWaffle  Planet LineUp Old Sharks Venus Life NeonNickel Chart 
Sat Aug 6, 2016
Zika GM Mosquito HellBender Amish Farms Moon Express Curiosity Ceres Craters Blue Whirl Sniff Test Tatoo Cookeville 750 GEV E-Light Wormhole Chart
Sat Jul 30, 2016
 Zika Hydrogen Hot Spot Alberto Carpinteri GigaFactory T-Truck Clean E Drag Race Lone Wolf Mystery Man Virus Delete Antibiotic Super Color The Test Chart
Sat Jul 23, 2016
Buzz Navajo Coal Tether It's Electric Zika Update Chicken Chatbot DoNotPay Junction Earthworks MoonQuakes BoreHole Conservative Friction Alloy Chart
Sat Jul 16, 2016
Shark Net Monkey Tools 2015 RR245 Pipevine Swallowtail Solar Impulse Solar Jobs Masdar Temp Records Hydrino Oxygen Problems NanoTubes Juno Chart
Sat July 9, 2016
First Bombot  Drones  TopTenTech  Perovskites  Lab Leather  Zika Bats  Dineutron  Lego Juno  Susan Finley  Crab Nebula  Argon Hydride  Do Art!  Color Chart
Sat July 2, 2016
 Rosewell 2016  Aliens  CO2  Toxic Algae Diablo  Juno Probe  Old Scope  Tesla Solar Autopilot  Amyloid-THC  Happy Equation  Ozone Hole Chart  
Sat June 25, 2016
WV Floods MTR La Nina E-Cat Products  Helical Screw  Game On!  Kenbi Land  Nature Nuke  Asian Rex Unplug  Two Moons LED Temp Brexit Chart
Sat June 18, 2016
E-cat-Quark-x  Cherenkov Radiation  Gene Drive  Apple Energy  Climate Victim Hawking Awards Cambodia Cities City Lights  MNGA Solstice Chart
Sat June 11, 2016
 SolarImpulse Solar Machine Coal Plants Chimera Microbe Amyloid Glass Glue Element Names SkyGlow UFO-Pittsburgh Oldest Axe Lidar Bird Kiosk Chart
Sat June 4, 2016
Cave Structures Opal Nemo VeggieMeat Planet Stamps Gravity Lens  Industrial Heat  Antibiotics  Quark-X  EyeOnLENR  Arctic Ice Population  Chart
Sat May 28, 2016
  Solar Plane  Mars 2016  UltraSound  Topper Site  Second Sight  Zika Docs  Zika Olympics  Fifth Force  Cold Waves  SuperBug  UK Coal  Chart  
Sat May 21, 2016
Climate Refugees Stress Vaccine Sweden  Page-Ladson Arctic Ice  ThermaCore New Light Bright Light  UltraSound  Bohmian Chart
Sat May 14, 2016
 Tilt Brush Copper Mag Battery GE Bulbs Hobbit MicroBiome Teen Mayan HomoPolar T-Turbine Tunneling FY2017 Defense New Planets MEPs Moon Music Chart
Sat May 7, 2016
Cicada Song Fish Herpes Fossil Ink LENR 1956? Transmute 1932 Tesla Hepa Turbine Death Safe Wind WindTamer Webb Telescope More Mount St Helens Chart
Sat Apr 30, 2016
WVKite Festival Kennewick Man Clovis DNA Makemake Moon Lonely Planet Heavy Water Calusa New Particle Palm Oil SOFC Brown Algae Chocolate Chart
Sat Apr 23, 2016
Earth Day Near Earth Day Dan Carder ReservoirMound Central Heat HyperChair LithiumBrine Schott'sGlass John Dash News!Bird Brain Cicada Killer Cicada Chart
Sat Apr 16, 2016
 Zika Mosquitoes  RenoVagen  New Tree Alergy Season E-Cat-3-Cat Hank Mills SpaWar Lithium Glass  Maple Neurons Greek Tyrant 10+ Chart
Sat Apr 9, 2016
 LENR Saga April 2016 Impossible Invention 4-9-16 JMC E-Cat-suit Salamander Stem Cells Graphene Tesla SpaceX Blue Origin3 Roman Teeth Vikings Unearthed
Sat Apr 2, 2016
NSTA Climate Pause Short Film Science Penny Ice Age Pups FrackQuakes CRISPR Talk Minimum Genome Bird Range Vikings Oxygen Dwarf Oculus Rift Chart
Sat Mar 26, 2016
M3D Print HybridAir ARCC LENR Rockefeller Dump  Chernobyl Arch Moon Axis Aluminum Penny Phage M13 NeuroPhage Cimavax Cuba Blood Genomics Chart
Sat Mar 19, 2016
Bacteria Motor Tesla 3 Wet Ceres Cyclone Power Old DNA Pacific DNA ISS Crew Lizard X Flint Water Earth Hour Vernal Equinox MomRex StoneHenge Chart
Sat Mar 12, 2016
Monarchs! LENR-Map Industrial Heat GMMosquito Solar eclipse ExoMars Viral DNA Microbial AD Bee Health Nano Lens Fat AlphaGo Chart Bonus Chart
Sat Mar 5, 2016
WVHB4014 Zika Cool Cat  Quark  Battery  Dog's Life  Rapamycin  Ice Melt Brain Drive Scott Kelley  SpaceX  Dscovr  Bonobo Fairness  Tverberg  Chart
Sat Feb 27, 2016
WV HB4014 Moffatt Amendment Eminent D Rydberg Phases  JPL Posters UK E-Cat-X Gravity Wave NRAO cuts Ultra-Mouse Locus Coeruleus SDO Fifth Chart
Sat Feb 20, 2016
  E-Cat Test Zika/Pesticide Apple/Backdoor Scholz's Star Virgin Old Cheese Mexi-MNGA Diamond Easter Island Fiji Denisovans FlatLand Dione LandFill Chart 
Sat Feb 13, 2016
Gravity Waves WVU Gravitas LENR Age BoroPhene SuperConductivity Cook Stoves Q-Boron Nuke Scrap Repeal Science Mojave Trails Alberto Carpinteri Chart
Sat Feb 6, 2016
 Solar Wars Twitter Suit Bright Idea Hydrogen Plane Haplogroup M Sakurojima Pluto H2O CRISPR MagneGas Hydrino Porter Ranch AetnaVille Zika Update Chart 
Sat Jan 30, 2016
Anthropocene Zika Carbon Hawking Doom Chestnut! BioPlastic BacterioPhage USPhage Challenger 30th ElectricNasCar Mammoth Flint River Chart 
Sat Jan 23, 2016
Weather Flint Water Hot/Cold 2015 Hard Landing Not SpaceX MegaStructure SpaceFlower Ernest Walton 9th Planet E-Cat-Car O-phone Orbo Energy 2016 Chart
Sat Jan 16, 2016
BB-8 Graphene Filter NanoReactor Space Pics Falcon 9 Biggest Shift Edison Bulb SuperNova VW-California MagneGas Expands Carrington ABB Robots Chart
Sat Jan 9, 2016
 CES Best PowerTax Sphero BB-8 Darth Griller North Korea GlyptoDont New Elements Smart Guns Cooked Coral Banana Peel FaradayFuture Coal Worship Chart 
Sat Jan 2, 2016
Electric-Cat  Josephson Video Rain UK Rain North Pole Oldest Tools MicroBeads Dense Electrons Atlas 5 Porter Ranch Top 25 Look Forward Chart Video
Sat Dec 26, 2015
China Slide BigBoson Turbine Build DroneLaw Nino Update Q-Carbon Jahn-Teller Sun Suck Scot Power Kidneys SpaceX  Comet Chart
Sat Dec 19, 2015
Solstice Orbo Sucks Carbon PeakCoal Hydricity NanoHeat SkyScraper SpaceCenter MNGA Award Nigerian Farmers AI-Toys  PrintSolar Chart1 Chart2
Sat Dec 12, 2015
Geminids Elementary COP-21 GulfStream Treasure! PowerPaper WhiteHouseSolar El Nino SuperEarth Milk Link EPPS Fibonacci M3D Iced Chart
Sat Dec 5, 2015
TallWood HoverBoard Brillouin Graphene/Cobalt DNA Edit Cloaking Zumwalt LENRFuel StarQuake VenusDawn SpaceX Piezo Q-Carbon Venus Comet ISS Chart
Sat Nov 28, 2015
Katherine Johnson TED Music   EnChroma Coliston LENR Engineer Serpent Mound Pause King Tides RENews Exxon Dis-Info Windows Lucy Tryptophan Chart
Sat Nov 21, 2015
MagnesiumCarbonate Graphene NomadSolar El Nino HeatWave ProtoPlanets GMOSalmon Heartland E-Cat Megawatt Brillouin STEM Books Texas Chart
Sat Nov 14, 2015
Darden/China Brillouin  Conservative Falls Church Microbes-LENR 3-D Print OK#1 Headers SpaceJunk MGNA Santilli Scopes Travelers Leonids CEC Chart
Sat Nov 7, 2015
WVSTA Tacit Knowledge Keystone Huffington-LENR Atom Ecology Stellarator CoyWolf Chimeras Virus Strategy Reality Bottled Processed Meat White Male Chart
Sat Oct 31, 2015
  TNRG Bright Mind MCT's Antimatter Telescope  Halloween Asteroid Bond Car PermaFrost Time/Fusion Cave Art Toxic Rock Coal Shade Balls Lagoon Chart
Sat Oct 24, 2015
Hurricane Patricia Landfall Texas Rain MoonScope MicroLattice Coal Future BloomBox ChinaScope Cheesey Science Sea Ice Female Inventors Treaty Walk Chart
Sat Oct 17, 2015
ISS Stranded! California Mud GM-EV CNO 22,000  Sextant Levitate Neutrons PonderoMotive MegaStructure DysonSphere MicroLattice Orb4k Chart
Sat Oct 10, 2015
CMUBattery MarsPlan Blue Pluto Musk/Apple MNGA-Army Navy-LENR NavSea IndustrialHeat Elephant Cancer Mammoth AfroGenome RoboCar NobelMedicine
Sat Oct 3, 2015
Rock Show! Fortune/Darden Fortune/Bezos MNGA NegaWatts Shell Arctic Mars Water Earth Water SC Weather Rectenna Fresh Veggies Gravity Vacuum
Sat Sep 26, 2015
VW-WV Science Pope ChinaCap/Trade Gibson Resolution Lunar Eclipse Global Citizen Met-Glass Renewables ScumBag LENR-AeroSpace Nuked Study AppleCar
Sat Sep 19, 2015
H-Catalyst ITER Rebuke Ignoble Prizes Protein Patch SonoGenetics AstroCytes Chile Quake Exxon-77 Charge! A-432 MNGA-VidClip Pluto Images Daytime Meteor
Sat Sept 12, 2015
 FloodKushima Cracker Durrington Wall DropWise Cavitation Gas Fossil Day SunVault Pluto Bees Win Homo Neledi Parkhomov Patent MFMP LAPD 3-D Sculpture
Sat Sept 5, 2015
Repatha Tesla Rant ThermoHaline Graphene/Lithium Lithium Glass Arctic Rebuff OkieVille NanoDiamond Pluto Life Prions Fly Ash Egypt Gas Beans Moon/Mars
Sat Aug 29, 2015
WVU Solar HealthCareCity California Sinks WindMill GulfStream RossiPatent IndustrialHeatPatent Patent Text Rossi Effect Invest? Peak Oil Nature Huffington Post
Sat Aug 22, 2015
End of Oil ClimateNightmares CO2/nanofibers Hot Spot Cold July Micro-Frack Quantum Tunneling Reinstate Pluto Mars Hoax Bee Link CyanoBacteria MicroBeads
Sat Aug 15, 2015
Perseids2015 ISS Hank Mills MagneGas EnlistDuo AppleCar Kagoshima Sakurajima West Nile AirbusLENR Oxycontin Music/Pain Trump Science E-Cat-X
Sat Aug 8, 2015
Slow Light Future Jobs Coal Turkey Russia LENR BlackCatCave Perseid Meteors Earth Size Taiwan Typhoon DailyShowScience Coal War
Sat Aug 1, 2015
Ebola Vaccine CimiVaxUSA Oil Price Energy Bill EM Drive White Laser Blue Moon AI Warning Record El Nino Pollinators Native Landscape No Mow
Sat Jul 25, 2015
CimiVax Heat Sales BumbleBees Green Gas DARK CO2-video Kepler 452b Kepler186f Kepler62f DNA-mugshot Cactus Dome Glacier Fire
Sat Jul 18, 2015
Planet Pluto Thermal Resonance Water Grid Cook's Book Vikings! Camper Texesla Electron Role Brillouin Cycle 26 Dam Amazon
Sat Jul 11, 2015
 Wood? Cactus Dome GE-Beijing  Birds Leave  Norway Thinks Yottawatts Nuke Plane Transformations Gas Grid QND DarkSkiesWheeling
Sat Jul 4, 2015
SMARTSuspension Bubble Wrap Bag Ban ACS/LENR BP Settles Tank Car Cuba Shark! New MagLev TSLA Crow MNGA Solar Subsidy Infrastructure
Sat Jun 27, 2015
Dead Zone StrangeNucleus WaterSplit SRI-6 TeslaBillion Women/Science Cancer Imaging DewBees "Testy" Physics Donut Dumb ClockProtein
Sat Jun 20, 2015
Hot May Pope Response Unified Gravity Philae Awakes CR7 MitsuBishi SolarBonds Solar Selfie Got Crabs? China LENR Third Pole Enstein Cat Kennewick
Sat Jun 13, 2015
Heat Battery Korea MERS FoldScope Widom-Larsen Water Computer BiteSV Gravity Light Fermi Awards Stanford Plan Japan Wireless Codon 127 Tweet!
Sat Jun 6, 2015
LENR India Rossi Slide 18-19 ElectroChaea Uber Mellon Solar Impulse Collaborate Cold Fission China Coal Tesla Ten Space-X World Environment Day
Sat May 30, 2015
Symbols Tar Sands Final Frontier Trekkie Office Big Bang Paper Notes Warm Fish Japan Volcano MFMP-replicate ChinaHeat MNGA E-coli FedExAnthrax OK
Sat May 23, 2015
LongWaveArray GE Ceramic Max-Phase Uranium Fertilizer Artificial Photosynthesis NanoDiamonds Hot Lithium 3-D Jaw Oil Spill Oldest Tools Ceres Spots
Sat May 16, 2015
MGNA-sniper OREO Battery UnderWaterJet New Matter "Healthy Hive" UK Bees 3-D Jet Magnegas Navy AstroBiology  Europa Salt  Rad-Bake
Sat May 9, 2015
NASA EM-drive  Magnet Motor  Monopole Cite   3D Pasta  Fi$$ion  Deep Brine  Autonomous Truck  MNGA The Edge Mitachondrial Edit Parkhomov 5-9-15
Sat May 2, 2015
NanoParticles CO2-Turbine Apple Farm Progress 59  Thermionic SMR  PowerWall  2  HarvardPolitical Japan Coal Blank Sun Smoking Gun WeatherCensor Bill
Sat Apr 25, 2015
SifferKoll-80 Trichodesium T-2 Katmandhu Calbuco Erupts Glyphosate Bee Addicts Avian Flu China Germline MagneHydrogen Uranium StarBucks Whales
Sat Apr 18, 2015
EarthDay2015 Planet? Ramps! Toads Darden ICCF-19 Research Triangle Song-120 ChinaAir E-Fan TurboElectric Cargill Recycle Paleo MNGA Co-Deposition
Sat Apr 11, 2015
ICCF-19  Rossi/Cook Publish Brontosaurus VoloCopter Aliens Mossbauer Effect SHT Lithium 7  FRB StrongInteraction GE GE-2 India Awakes WV Naps
Sat Apr 4, 2015
Entanglement Gulf Stream Robot Birds MRSA MagnetoCaloric HybridAircraft  Divestment Tesla H Lunar Eclipse MoonVolcano Nuisance Oil
Sat Mar 28, 2015
Argh!Robot Cows! Triassic Bee Stress Mars One RossiPatent Parkhomov Airbus KimChi LEAPTech NanoBox Force Field ThermoHaline Pike Island LENR2.0
Sat Mar 21, 2015
Equinox Solar Eclipse BlackSuperMoon Putin LENR Isla Huemul Parkhomov More Lugano-3-19-15 Graphene-3-19-15 Animal Fat Dronazon MagneReactor
Sat Mar 14,  2015
Pi Day! Avian Flu CO2SynGas PalCohol "Powder" Chameleon Color MagneWater Hot Enceladus Ganymede Cyclone Pam  CME?! Magnetospheric Airlander
Sat Mar 7, 2015
Tobacco SenatorSnowball Climate Guardian OK GO Daylight Saving DST-ISS Light Dark Sky Jupiter Mars SparkleMuffin ConeSnails WVEagleCam
Sat Feb 28, 2015
 CERN Reboot Hawking Says H-Bacteria ElectroFuel HiveFlow Life Clouds JellyFish VenusCity Mars Ceres SunLite Wind Ash Commercial LENR Quantum
Sat Feb 21, 2015
 SuperBug GMOSkeeters Pittsburgh Fireball Limpet Teeth Titan Sub ClimbNiagra Dwarf Flyby Colima Erupts  Leaf Paint LENRHistory
Sat Feb 14, 2015
DSCOVR Solarium Tunneling OilPrice AirCar Tesla Battery Japan-H CO2-fuel StreetLightParadox PlanetWalk Aero AppleCar MysteryGoo Gold Allergy
Sat Feb 7, 2015
RaneyNickel PentaGraphene SMAP Planck Al-Fe-Alloy UN-MNGA Skyrmions Peer Reviewed BioPesticides 3ParentBaby Ring ExoPlanet Internet Utility
Sat Jan 31, 2015
PV=nRT Atomic Nuclei Skip Thorium Kullander Eating Electrons PA Hemp Bladeless Turbine Phononics Musk Satellites Vibrational Bond RussianLENR
Sat Jan 24, 2015
Planet X Graphene Monsanto1 2 3D-car BPA/BPS CEES Asteroid  YellowstoneOil MIT-101 1% India-LENR Hindu Business
Sat Jan 17, 2015
Solar Farm Net Loss Standards Warming Stall GWPF Lithium-Sulfur SpaceX  MeatCicles MagneManure Fukang Meteor  Conn-Quakes Harris Spiral
Sat Jan 10, 2015
Eleftheria Ice Fest Piantelli Oddity ORME Time Capsule Flying Car Moonrise Ohio Quake Toyota Patents Venus/Mercury 8 New Planets Comet LoveJoy
Sat Jan 3, 2015
MNGAfrica MFMP Dubai 8 Stories Rossi Interview Reef Record Escher Floor WarpDrive Space-X Ceres Dawn Comet Lovejoy Quadrantids Windy
Sat Dec 27, 2014
LiquidPiston Video Laughing Gas PrimoMatic Christmas Equation Music Roll Cloud E-Cat Replication Cuba Science Astronomy?
Sat Dec 20, 2014
AussieCat ECat Book Oil/EcatGraphs PhytoMining H Prize Skylon Oldest Art WVHTC Sony Hack Isotope Shift Diamonds Link Space Concrete SunSpot ISS
Sat "12-13-14" !
Geminids 2014 Dinosaur 13 Room Temp Big Bang? Solar Efficiency MNGA-Ebola Pluto Wake-up Oxford LENR Nobel Prize Comet Water Mars Water
Sat Dec 6, 2014
Orion Mission Finland Nuke "Safety" Patent Trolls "Stall" Mats Lewan Black Swan Air Fuel Ohio CWD Michigan LENR No Fear Carrot Clarinet
Sat Nov 29, 2014
SmallBizSat StarWars MockingJay SantaDrones StemCellHeart NASA 3-D BlueRaySolar DynoMak Forbid-Science Birds Schlieren Optics Trypto-Fan Gates
Sat Nov 22, 2014
 Nagano Quake Maui Monsanto Dumb Algae Venturi Gasifier Wind>Nuke GM Carbon Fontus IH Patent Toyota Mirai Video Philae Norway Trip India
Sat Nov 15, 2014
Leonids Solar Road Philae Nap Keystone LENR Engine Obama's Switch Perfect LENR Collaboration Pecan Scab LED-GrowLights Gates LENR
Sat Nov 8, 2014
WVSTA  Cold Fusion Japan Japan Nuclear Replication Garbage! H2O Billboard Abu Solar Fibonacci Tree Apple Spaceship Salt! Polar Vortex Go Paleo
Sat Nov 1, 2014
Oil Future UK Blackout Project DogBone CF 2009 Solar Black Hole FrackFizzle VirginGalactic OrbitalScience China Moon Diabetes News Viralogic Penicillin
Sat Oct 25, 2014
Ebo-Vaccine New Ragone Old Paintings Oldest DNA X-37B Nose Transplant Dark Matter China Coal Comet Solar Eclipse DOE Solar Huff-LENR 
Sat Oct 18, 2014
BulbCam Comet Siding Spring China Smog Coal=Gas Altzheimer Cell Rossi-Nickel Brian Ahern Steven Greer EPA Enlist Eve Hot/Cold? Fractalfield 
Sat Oct 11, 2014
E-Cat Report! Solar Battery Japan Solar Tesla D  Space Molecule Unknown Species  UWFusion Turf War
Sat Oct 4, 2014
BCS Superconductivity E-Cat Patent Pending Solar/Storage Salty CME-NASA E-Cat Report E-Beam MagneFish Gas Turbines Star Power Oil
Sat Sept 27, 2014
Solar City Solar Flight Taxi! SolarMag LED Future EpiCatalysis KY Hemp HempCrete China Energy Raleigh PoGens Wind India Mars Dark Sky-WV
Sat Sept 20, 2014
Ig-Nobel E-Bra Toast AliBaba Ebola War  Fullerite NASA-NEO Yucca MagneFarm Beer Gout YouTubeLENR Pilot Waves Black Swans Sweet
Sat Sept 13, 2014
Col-Lens SolStorm China-Cat SoloPower MagnePigs Sustainability Base McDonough-Tube Box "Bologna" Seattle LENR German LENR Henge Tesla Batteries
Sat Sept 6, 2014
SHT Verified MH Verified Flare Flurry Grey Holes Santilli Patent NanoFlowCell SuperCluster Monarch Minus More Even more  Zinc-Finger
Sat Aug 30, 2014
G-E-Cat Flexible Conduct Blair Mountain Iceland Volcano Nuke Accident DarkSide Scientific Hypersonic Gas Plumes SHT/QUAR Memory Chips RockSlide
Sat Aug 23, 2014
SolarHydrogenTrends Solar Neutrinos? NASA/SLS Saturn Hexagon Beacon Flywheel Turf War ReFrack Fossil Find Synaptic Pruning Blue Diamond Shark
Sat Aug 16, 2014
Uranus Storms BloomBox Exelon HempCapacitors LENR Mechanism Curiosity CyclonePower 2 Lego Scientists Climate Refugees Floating City PIT/frack
Sat Aug 9, 2014
Hurricanes Hawaii Climate Cruise Algae Bloom 7X-Battery MagneGasAsia DarkMatterChina FinallyBulb Bulb EmDrive Ebola/Tobbacco Quantum Locking
Sat Aug 2, 2014
Ebola Flesh Eating Bacteria Quantum Glue "Power" the Book EPA Hearings Thin Film Solar Solar Soap Box 2 NovelNanoFibers Moon Fossils Fossil Day
Sat Jul 26, 2014
Young Blood LENR 1927 Tesla Laughing Electric Bacteria 4 Breakthroughs Georgia Tech BloomBergMNGA Field Flip Tresinos NukeShip NASA- ITER+
Sat Jul 19, 2014
Singlet Fission CyclonePower EU H-car Yellowstone Melt McKinley Amendment Missing Light Charge it Pike Island  WorldView-3 pic
Sat Jul 12, 2014
NeoGuri Beacon 10 MagneManure Energy Wars LENR Musings BlackLightPower Science Cranks Glyphosate+ Shark Fossils Phipps Destroy Planet
Sat Jul 5, 2014
Quantum Solar Glyphosate FireWorks Kaboom! Rossi Blog Hess-II CO2-Satellite 100 People Mood Manipulation PushBack Abuse Algorithm Worm Life ???
Sat Jun 28, 2014
AquaSciences Texas Wind Game Changer FCV Tesla Russians Di Ingenieur Enerkem Magnetic Hose Earth/Diamond Energy Tower H2P-RoofRaisin'
Sat Jun 21, 2014
Volcano Catalyst Desalination Dual Carbon Dr. Violante Grid Law WSU Cell E-Hog BridgeClimb LENR-Breather Breather MagneGasDunedin Heart Gene
Sat Jun 14, 2014
NickelFullerenes Warp Drive "Enterprise"  2nd Law Oil Patch Muse Mini-Max Tesla Open Source Structured H2O CopperHead? CHP Borealis
Sat June 7, 2014
MegaEarth BrainZap TruckZap ElForsk Barclay's Jed Rothwell Says Public Archaeology Aluminum/Air E-car Tipping Point Wheeling Sewage?
Sat May 31, 2014
SmokyScience Viet-Nuke Yellow Dust Serpent Mound Altar Smokies Bumblebees Mars Glaciers Disney RFID E-Cat Resistance Swede Radio Mats Lewan Says
Sat May 24, 2014
MERS update Largest Dino Big Godzilla CleanCoalCost SolarFreakinRoadways MeteorShowerDud "dud" SpaceWorks Smith Cloud MagneGas
Sat May 17, 2014
Urban Gardening Solar 60 Ice Melt Spurious Missing Microbes German E MERS-2 Renewables Prof. Dumpster Hemp Tom Darden GrapheneTire GodZilla Roar
Sat May 10, 2014
Nickel China! Solar Chimney Graphene/Quartz SafeCast Climate Report Charts SeaChange  Wyoming BVO Janitor Satellite ElectricPlane Tesla!
Sat May 3, 2014
New Meteor Shower Mitsubishi Heavy Magnus Windmill AquaPower Camp Huron Fix ITER? Coral/Coal Wood Ag Innovation MERS NanoDopants
Sat Apr 26, 2014
WV Kite Festival Near Earth Day Killer Asteroids CyclonePower NGPower ? Dicamba RoundUp  FDA e-cig Genius Mars! BastardCabbage
Sat Apr 19, 2014
H2Economy Periodic Table Google Drone BlueFin Map ArchaeoDrones Kepler186-F Everest Avalanche Mexico Earthquake Willow Island
Sat Apr 12, 2014
KitRex CarbonRevolution Iowa LENR Mars Light MagnePatent Nanobot Computers Frack Quakes Archaeology-NE Navy Rail Gun Coil Gun
Sat Apr 5, 2014
NSTA COP 100 AgEagle Font Savings MIT-LENR-audio Chili Quake Cascadia Fault Flash Boys IEX SeaPowerChina YellowStone! Australia? ITER? Meteor!
Sat Mar 29, 2014
EarthQuakeLA Quake Anniversary Washington Mudslide Galveston Spill Valdez Anniversary ColdFusion Anniversary KSL Ramps Autism
Sat Mar 22, 2014
Gravity Waves Statins MagneDemo Chart Seattle Mammoth Ukraine ISS SuperLoad-2 Cancer-DICE HELLChicken Molecular Cages Cold Fusion Anniversary
Sat Mar 15, 2014
 Gas/Solar SolarHTrends rBST X-39 LENR Tesla NJ Deep Sea EarthHeat EarthWater MagneBioGas Giant Virus Clovis Clues Cloaked Gas Grid Pi Day
Sat Mar 8, 2014
 DarkGalaxy El Nino DiLithium Asteroid Flyby Magnosphere Aids"Cure" New Antibiotic FutureMaterials Fukushima Mitsubishi Patent FlrPwr
Sat Mar 1, 2014
IOWA LENR Alchemy Drone Ships Antimatter Galaxies Aged Cheese China Smog Buried Gold OilCane FutureMaterials Vortex Weather/OKQuakes
Sat Feb 22, 2014
Turin Shroud FaceTime German-E AEI Muonic H Longest Pour OK Quake Meteoric Olympics  SuperLoad JellyDonut Electron Mass
Sat Feb 15, 2014
Mt. Kelud Carolina Quake LENR Revolution Blue Spot MagneCules FusionAdvance Pop-Sci Record Not! 3DP/BitCoin
Sat Feb 8, 2014
Graphyne Plastic Bread MIT NANOR RoanokeTimes China LENR? Greek LENR Magnetic Monopoles Tesla Net Ceres Water  Con-Canvas
Sat Feb 1, 2014
Stem Cell Breakthrough John Dobson View Mercury Firewall Paradox Cherokee MuonCF NASA-Aircraft Q-MoGen Lepton Law 2 NASA LENRCo's
Sat Jan 25, 2014
"Dubious Pop-Sci" IH-ResearchTriangle Obama Triangle Black Tuesday SuperNova Rosetta Boeing LENR BEC Photons Caramel! Hawking Holes
Sat Jan 18, 2014
Spill Update Solar/Gas BlueGen Electric Buses BlackLightPower Patent Hydrino Spectrum ICNF China Sunrise DishFire Ball Lightning Femto-Atoms FloodWall
Sat Jan 11, 2014
WVSpill CycloHexane CO2-CH4 Space Ants Squid! ARPA-E LENRGrants CherokeeFund CherokeeChallenge BioMason GreenChallenge Tom Darden Forbes LENR China LENR Structured Water LIDAR
Sat Jan 4, 2014
Mallove HeavyWaterGate MIT-LENR-101 Keystone BrillouinKorea Cherokee 2 Native Roots NASA TAPS Volcano NASA pics Trimaran Tall Wind
Sat Dec 28, 2013
Hobbit 2 Dipthongs Jurassic Spider E-Cat Boring Bertha Waste Heat Cosmic Wreath Yellowstone Sprout Power PolyFace Mammal Morals
Sat Dec 21, 2013
Winter Solstice Safe Soap Triclosan Field Flip Marijuana Brain Odds Are Vitamins  Sin Graph EarthWeather IceBreakers
Sat Dec 14, 2013
Geminids HealthCare Income Robots Carbon Catalyst SnowFlakes Gone Fission ThermoMagnetism RailGun RQ-180 Stringy Europa Mobius Bridge NI
Sat Dec 7, 2013
Tesla Tale Smoke Rings Cyclone Power Mongrels ObamaEnergy Tesla-BitCoin Space-X TexQuake Buffalo Wind
Sat Nov 30, 2013
SmallBusinessSaturday ISON Bake Six Volcanos RadioActiveBanana 23&Me Earth View Electron Micro Tesla Movie LENR-DisInfo SpaceJunk SunBeams
Sat Nov 23, 2013
SeaMonster Tesla Truck Hydrogen Cars NG Cars Tesla Mission China Cars Nuke Remediation Ison Images Mt. Sinabung Energy Storage GreenTechMedia Fusion "Progress" SixTails Tunguska Olivine Quakes New-trinos StoneHenge oops!
Sat Nov 16, 2013
Groundwater CH4 FrackBarge Brown's Gas SafeFlame PlasmaTorch CreekWater Ex-Clam-ation! PostAntibiotic Europa Report Quadriscuits
Sat Nov 9, 2013
Four Comets SuperStorm Satellite! Carbon Minerals RecordSolarMinimum E-CatSigma5 Ragone ColoradoLENR  PV-DCgrid Thorium VirginG
Sat Nov 2, 2013
WVSTA  Ison Mutant Fungi Trans-cranial Stimulation Asteroid Defence Google Barge Toyota Transmutation  Maunder Minimum SunShine!  Monsanto Award?
Sat Oct 26, 2013
Ison Image Ison Debris? Humpbacks OarFish Fish Quakes OhioFrackQuakes Humans! Ancient Floridians Defkalion Device Nestle's Water
Sat Oct 19, 2013
LENR-101 2-D Stuff Texas Tech Russian Meteor Skull-5 Diametric Drive BrainDrano EndangeredScience ClimateChangeGood RhinoChips Nobel Moose
Sat Oct 12, 2013
Moon! ScottCarpenter Phailin Hornets FishCircles GiantSquirrel LonelyPlanet EgyptianComet CrustyLife Euro16 GlobalBEM Pipeline Dino Keloid Bots!
Sat Oct 5, 2013
Arctic Secrets Extreme Ice Midwest Fireball Metal/Air Battery Thin Glass Hydrogen Bonds Neutron Microscope Tropical Eden Curiosity Page BioFractals
Sat Sept 28, 2013
ClimateReport Climate Fox Mars Water Quantum Jewel Synergetics HIV Atmosphere Aliens Chinese Algae Laser Lightning F-16 Drone SunfishSite Dig!
Sat Sept 21, 2013
Rock Show  CDC SuperBugs LENR Update Bohemian Gravity G=?  Brillouin News Tesla Battery BatCam Biologists Physicists Black Hole? Ultra Deep
Sat Sept 14, 2013
Electric Lemans Rossi Read Big Projects Universe Scale Robot Jobs Ison Update TailCam2 Voyager Exit Norway Fund StatOil Brillouin River Relay Molasses
Sat Sept 7, 2013
Thallium/Mercury Mars Life Borghi Experiment Ohio Artifact Pre Clovis SpaceShipTwo London Solar Moon Mystery Giant Volcano Nye Update Miley Onion
Sat Aug 31, 2013
Element NRAO/WVU Bionica AgriDrones Big Meat Asymmetric Fission Bad/Sad Science Felony Science Keystone Report 41MegaPixel Asimov2014 Nye
 Sat Aug 24, 2013
9D˛ Gustav